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a special touch

Many elderly clients enjoy the therapeutic benefits of massage, aromatherapy, and palliative touch. 

Lindsay is licensed and insured to make house calls in convalescent homes.


60 minute session = $100.

Discounts available when booking in bulk.

Free consultation/house call available to see if Lindsay's offerings will be compatible with your loved one's needs.

I am writing this recommendation for Lindsay Sharp, who is a certified massage therapist. I have known her for over two years now as the massage therapist for my mother F. S, who is 91 years young. 

My mother has been living at the B--- Senior Living community in Bakersfield for 13 years since she was admitted into their memory care unit due to short term memory loss. During that time my mother has had various massage therapists work with her to enhance mother’s physical wellbeing. And before then, mother has seen massage therapists for decades to enhance her health.
However, Lindsay’s love for my mother’s wellbeing is the trait that has stood out over any massage therapist that my mother has ever had. Compassion with the elderly cannot be taught or forced upon. It comes from the heart and soul of a person. Lindsay has that heart and soul! 

 Lindsay’s professional work expands beyond the typical massage therapy. She has the vision to infuse her work with a special energy to the client that is hard to explain, but is very obvious to see the results with my mother. During mother’s sessions with Lindsay, it is as if Lindsay transfers this special energy to my mother. This trait of Lindsay’s is something my mother and I have not seen in a massage therapist before. As an engineer, I cannot explain how Lindsay does this miracle! 

 In summary, I highly recommend Lindsay for any massage therapy work or related endeavor that she may seek to pursue. Lindsay Sharp is a very special person with very special gifts for her clients.

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