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the healing practice

In your session, Lindsay will call upon her extensive training and experience in both traditional and energetic healing techniques to provide you with comprehensive, personalized holistic care. She utilizes a diverse set of tools and expertise - ranging from indigenous wisdom to modern medical, biological, and pharmacological knowledge - to treat the whole person. 

Modalities Practiced:

Traditional Massage

Shiatsu Massage

Chinese Medicine

Cranial Sacral Therapy (does not require client to disrobe)

Light Tough Therapy (does not require client to disrobe)

Medical Qi Gong (does not require client to disrobe)

Many Clients Experience Relief From:



Chronic Pain


Pain associated with terminal illness

Temporomandibular Join (TMJ) Syndrome

Lindsay's restorative work leaves clients feeling rested and nurtured, with a refreshing sense of clarity. Every session is unique and aimed at addressing the individual client's needs and sensitivities as they arise. For the first fifteen minutes, Lindsay typically invites clients to bring their awareness into the present moment through breath work and meditation. This not only helps to relieve mental tension, it also encourages greater body awareness in the client, maximizing the benefit of the massage. 

Though Lindsay is mindful to "read" the body's response during a massage, for their comfort, clients are encouraged to practice open communication both before and during sessions.  

In addition to being licensed in traditional massage therapy, Lindsay is also a Level Two Reiki Practitioner and has over eight years of experience in palliative care, elder care, and stroke recovery.  

before your session

Because of the nature of energetic healing, the effects may continue to resonate and percolate in the hours and even days following your session. Please, be mindful to (under) schedule yourself accordingly, both the day of and day following your session. Leave yourself time to rest, reflect, and integrate. Postpone any non-essential commitments and devote your day to healing, breathing, and allowing your energetic body to savor the afterglow of your session!


Additionally, eating a large meal before a session is not recommended.

Interested to hear clients describe the healing experience in their own words?
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